AW CofMaker

Simply the best eco coffee device!


AW CofMaker, a traditional and humble method with high flavour outcome!

This is a product for preparing a delicious and excellent cup of coffee.
AW CofMaker is a coffee making device in which hot water leaches slowly through coffee grounds held in a AW Cloth Filter mounted on a stand, and drips into a container.

ARTISTICO WORLD ® has designed and manufactured its own coffee devices. Also, to use them into our new concept and personalized service (Coffee-Wine) created by ARTISTICO WORLD ®.

With this humble coffee device is very easy and quickly to make coffee, you will enjoy preparing your own and personalized cup of coffee!

In our coffee culture, this coffee device lives on. Why? Because…

  • Simply tastes better, fresh and allows for a very clean filtration process that maintains the essential oils of the coffee
  • Coffee gets the proper temperature to drink
  • Preserves the color and health benefits
  • Long lasting sterilised filter: with each use get a better taste
  • Reduces the use of paper filters
  • Non electrical and no noise
  • Made with recycle and new materials ( the stand )
  • 100% Ecological and Biodegradable
  • Convenient for the environment

– The stand is made from different kind of materials, sizes and colors

– The stand and the filter sold separately

– Models: Personal / Couple / Group

AW CofMaker, AW Cloth Filter and our new concept and personalized service (AW Coffee-Wine), are own designs and original ideas by ARTISTICO WORLD ® ( Since year 2010 )

ARTISTICO WORLD ®, can also design and manufacturing your own coffee device, original and exclusively for you!




How to use a AW CofMaker?

1- Heat fresh water on your stovetop or in a kettle and remove it once it has almost reached the boiling point (around 90 °C – 95 °C).

2- Dampen the AW Cloth Filter before adding the coffee.

3- Place 1 spoonful of ground coffee inside the AW Cloth Filter (around 10 grams) and add very little water to begin the extraction from the coffee. ( Adjusting the amount of coffee is a matter of taste and you will have to experiment to get the proportions right for you )

4- Place a coffee mug on the AW CofMaker. This is where the prepared coffee will drip, so make sure it is in the right position and enough for the milliliters of water. With the AW Cloth Filter in place, slowly pour the water so it does not overflow.

5- The coffee will sweep through the AW Cloth Filter, leaving the perfect cup of coffee! Let it rest for about a minute or ends dripping, and enjoy!

How to cleaning the AW Cloth Filter?

1- Every time you use the AW Cloth Filter, throw the ground coffee used into the compost pail and then simply washing it with water.

2- Every 3 months, the AW Cloth Filter should be cleaned by boiling it in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts of water. Afterwards, boil the AW Cloth Filter in clean water with ground coffee to remove the taste of vinegar.

Note: You can do this cleaning process every 3 month, also people have used the AW Cloth Filter continuously for 6 months, so the secret is that your cup of coffee will get a better taste with each use, everything depends of you!
( Approximate use of the AW Cloth Filter, 1 year )

More information about AW Cloth Filter: HERE!


AW CofMaker & AW Cloth Filter
Design & Manufacturing by ARTISTICO WORLD ®
Patented products. Copyright © since year 2010. All rights reserved.

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