AW® ART & DESIGN offers a variety of services in various fields of art, innovation, design and decoration of indoor and outdoor function spaces. In addition to the services, ARTISTICO WORLD® also designs and manufactures a variety of unique, exclusive and original own design products.

Further ARTISTICO WORLD® provides exclusive products and interior design solutions. Creating a perfect product or space means for ARTISTICO WORLD® working together with the client and to really get to know and understand your lifestyles and comfort. It goes without saying that every client for ARTISTICO WORLD® is special, and most obviously deserves the best care!

ARTISTICO WORLD® passion is to provide unique solutions and personalized attention to create aesthetic and functional environments with good exclusive and original ideas.

ARTISTICO WORLD® also love to use recycled and bio ecological materials, because that is what the world needs!

AW® PRODUCT SHOP (Online-Store) offers a variety of own designs, art, accessories and gourmet products.

The gourmet products comes directly from ARTISTICO WORLD® business partners, families, companies and passionate professional that guarantee good quality and satisfaction to consumers.

The quality, the fair trade practices with the farmers, transparency and certified in ARTISTICO WORLD® products, are highly important. The products are processed, packaged in the own Country and shipped by seaway once a month by pre-orders. In this way the products arrive to your door as fresh as possible!

ARTISTICO WORLD® products comes with own identity from the origin country and professional producers to your business and home!



ARTISTICO WORLD® started to grow its roots in Costa Rica and Finland by the Co-founder/Owner/CEO: Juan Pablo Barquero Rodríguez. Providing a variety of different services in art, design, decoration, interior, furniture, product, garden and outdoor design. In addiction, Barquero also distribute a variety of natural, organic and gourmet products.

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to make an appointment for your visit, a project consultancy, budgets, services, products, contracts, wholesale price lists and catalogues.

For ARTISTICO WORLD®, it is a pleasure to help you and provide our products & services. Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to serve you!